Due to the surge of Covid volume and the Omicron variant, we are unable to provide quality care through our telemedicine platform. That said, we regret to temporarily disable video visits until further notice.

While our urgent care generally accepts all walk-in patients, the current surge in COVID cases from Omicron has exhausted our system like every other medical institution. Our team is working tirelessly and sacrificing their own health and wellbeing to serve the community during these unprecedented times. We ask the community in return to be patient and gracious to our staff. Until patient volumes normalize, we have no option but to limit how many patients we see. We sincerely apologize for our short comings and assure you we are doing our best to accommodate as many patients as we physically can.

Every evening at 8pm(5pm Sat and Sun), our COVID testing schedule opens for the following day. If you are unable to find a COVID testing appointment for the day, we recommend you visit our website after 8pm(5pm Sat and Sun) to find a convenient time to schedule your COVID test for the following day.

Employer COVID-19 Testing Option at Urgentology Care

Providing Your Team Peace of Mind

Healthcare workers, first responders, food service workers, and local businesses have all supported our community through the COVID-19 pandemic without the option to work from home. Now that more workforce members are being recalled, employers need to offer their staff access to easy testing options to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Urgentology Care is pleased to announce our employer COVID-19 testing program. Read on to learn how to provide you and your entire team some peace of mind:

Onsite and Clinic Testing

To make testing easier for you and your employees, we offer onsite and in-clinic testing options. Our corporate COVID-19 testing is administered via contract, and upon signing up, we will discuss whether you want your employees to come into our clinic for testing or if you want us to come to you. While onsite testing reduces downtime, we’re happy to set up appointments at our clinic for your employees as well.

Learn more about the COVID-19 tests we offer:

Rapid Antigen Tests

For quick testing, the rapid antigen test is appropriate for employers to test if an employee is actively infected with COVID-19. This test is administered via a nasal or nose and throat (nasopharyngeal) swab, and tests come back within 15 minutes.

Molecular PCR Tests

The PCR test is considered the ‘gold standard’ of COVID-19 testing, as it’s the most accurate way to tell if a patient currently has the coronavirus. This test is administered via a nasopharyngeal swab, and results take 3-5+ days.

Antibody Tests

Our COVID-19 antibody test can tell an employer if their employee recently tested positive for COVID-19 but is not currently sick. If an employee was exposed, they will have coronavirus antibodies in their blood. To administer this test, we take a sample of blood. Results typically come back in 1-2 days.

Monitoring Symptoms

In addition to testing your employees, our team also recommends monitoring their symptoms daily by checking for flu/cold-like symptoms when the employee comes in for their shift. If an employee has a fever alongside other symptoms, they should be tested and sent home.

Employer COVID-19 Testing at Urgentology Care

As we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, our practice is committed to bringing the most up to date resources to our community, including the most advanced FDA approved testing available.

To set up employee testing for your team, contact our clinic today: (817) 799-7273