Due to the surge of Covid volume and the Omicron variant, we are unable to provide quality care through our telemedicine platform. That said, we regret to temporarily disable video visits until further notice.

While our urgent care generally accepts all walk-in patients, the current surge in COVID cases from Omicron has exhausted our system like every other medical institution. Our team is working tirelessly and sacrificing their own health and wellbeing to serve the community during these unprecedented times. We ask the community in return to be patient and gracious to our staff. Until patient volumes normalize, we have no option but to limit how many patients we see. We sincerely apologize for our short comings and assure you we are doing our best to accommodate as many patients as we physically can.

Every evening at 8pm(5pm Sat and Sun), our COVID testing schedule opens for the following day. If you are unable to find a COVID testing appointment for the day, we recommend you visit our website after 8pm(5pm Sat and Sun) to find a convenient time to schedule your COVID test for the following day.

What Are Skin Tags?

What Are Skin Tags and Should I Remove Them?

When we see even the smallest bump or mark on our skin, we fear the worst. Many patients worry that the little red, brown, or white marks on their skin could be a sign of cancer. Keep reading to learn what skin tags are, and how to remove them.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small, soft, benign tumors of the skin that can appear anywhere on the body. These marks can most commonly be found on the neck, eyelid, arms, or legs.

There is no clear cause of skin tags, but it’s generally thought that they are caused by skin rubbing against skin, or by blood vessels becoming trapped inside thicker pieces of skin. Skin tags typically begin to occur later in life and affect men and women equally.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

In some cases, skin tags remain so unnoticed that they can either rub off or fall off, painlessly, without a patient noticing. Other times, skin tags may be larger and can burst under pressure.

The irregular appearance of skin tags causes many patients to worry that these marks may be a sign of cancer — this is not typically the case. It is extremely rare that a skin tag is, or becomes, precancerous or cancerous. If you notice that your skin tag changes in color or appearance, it’s always best to consult with your doctor right away.

Skin Tag Removal at Urgentology Care

At Urgentology Care, we offer skin tag removal services for purely aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. You should never attempt to remove a skin tag yourself. To avoid injury, contact your doctor in order to schedule a removal.

Our family doctors at Urgentology Care can quickly remove skin tags with very little discomfort. We apply a topical anesthetic, and then the skin tags are removed with a very precise electrosurgical instrument, which causes the skin tags to shrivel and eventually scab over.

Once treatment is complete, there is no downtime, and you can resume your regular activities right away. We will apply a soothing ointment and send you home with aftercare instructions.

Make an appointment with Urgentology Care by dialing (817) 799-7273, or simply walk in to be seen by our medical staff!