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While our urgent care generally accepts all walk-in patients, the current surge in COVID cases from Omicron has exhausted our system like every other medical institution. Our team is working tirelessly and sacrificing their own health and wellbeing to serve the community during these unprecedented times. We ask the community in return to be patient and gracious to our staff. Until patient volumes normalize, we have no option but to limit how many patients we see. We sincerely apologize for our short comings and assure you we are doing our best to accommodate as many patients as we physically can.

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Tips for Summer Allergy Sufferers

How to Improve Your Allergy Symptoms

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming — which means that there is also an abundance of pollen. If you experience seasonal allergies, use these tips to keep your symptoms at bay this summer.

1. Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Studies have shown that our indoor air can actually become more polluted than the air outdoors. From dust to pet hair and dander, small allergens can be tracked into your home and spread through your HVAC system, which pushes them to other areas of the home.

As we spend more time in our home, it’s more important more than ever to improve your indoor air quality. The best way to do this is to keep your air filters clean.

2. Avoid Going Outside During High Pollen Count

The pollen count typically reaches its peak during the day — between 10 AM and 5 PM. So, limit your time spent outside between these hours. You may also want to avoid going outside during periods of high wind, as your allergy symptoms will likely increase.

3. Wash Your Hands and Clothes After Being Outside

Think of pollen and other contaminants like glitter — you may not remember touching it, but if you’ve been near it, it can quickly spread to your clothes, furniture, and on your hands.

Though many of us are taking extra precautions this summer to avoid the spread of COVID-19, washing your hands, taking a shower, and putting your clothes in the wash after being outdoors can also help to eliminate the spread of allergens inside your home.

4. Seek Treatment for Your Symptoms

While many allergy sufferers may assume that a sore throat, itchy eyes and a runny nose come with the season, these symptoms can make your day-to-day routine more of a struggle. If you’re unable to keep your symptoms at bay on your own, you may benefit from treatments such as allergy drops and over-the-counter antihistamine medications.

Urgentology Care is proud to announce its latest partnership with Cure Allergy Clinic (CAC), another trusted resource for integrated care for patients suffering from short-term or chronic allergy and asthma conditions. Through this service, you can receive a diagnosis for your allergies and asthma, and receive the appropriate treatment.

Allergy Treatment in Arlington TX

If your allergy symptoms are getting the best of you this season, contact our doctors at Urgentology Care for treatment. We offer telemedicine services so that you can receive treatment from the comfort of your home.